You can now order MoonyZ online


8 oz. pump bottles of MoonyZ Special Magik  available for purchase $25/ea


Buy 1-3 bottles and only pay $10.95 s/h


By selecting the desired quantity and clicking the "Buy Now" button.  You will be taken to a secure Paypal server for checkout.

Moonyz Special Magik is a drug free,

light weight topical lotion formula,

that relieves pain on contact.




For many people the act of spelling magik with a K is unconventional, or a mere affectation.  Rather, it is a way to discriminate between the entertainment known for pulling rabbits out of hats (magic) and techniques for harnessing internal and external energies that will help us change ourselves and our environment (magik).

MoonyZ magik is deep rooted in the science of wellness, try it for yourself and experience real magik!